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The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce helps companies across the area with their international competitiveness and productivity, by helping to reduce costs, providing qualified advice, train and develop staff, increasing sales and improving profits.

Our accredited International Business Team have a wealth of industry experience and coupled with our extensive international networks, will help you to access support, guidance and technical advice relating to exporting and importing.

International trade is integral to the Lancashire region, and because foreign trade is vital to the UK economy, the Chamber is fully committed to helping our members succeed in the global marketplace.

We offer a wide range of key support services to the exporting and importing community, including:

The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is a gateway to a vast network of specialists, finance and support programmes.

Who is it for?

All companies and individuals are invited to start a conversation about their international trade potential, export and import operations and overall growth aspirations. We can – and do – help all sizes of businesses, including sole traders, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, professional services, members and non-members.

How does it work?

Contact the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce International Business Team at:-
Tel: 01254 356454 / 356448 / 356473 / 356451 / 356447

Additional information:

The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is a locally based private sector organisation, owned by the Members and accredited by the British Chambers.

We are committed to helping East Lancashire have a thriving economy. We are active at local, regional and national levels in the influential decision making bodies, whose programmes and investments, both public and private, determine the environment in which business operates.

The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is proud and honoured to have served Lancashire for the last 130 years.

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