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The Low Carbon Innovation Forum is a six-month peer network programme for Lancashire based SME businesses seeking to address the challenges of the low carbon economy. This programme offers a space for SMEs to think about how their business can innovate: through a series of workshops, access to Masterclasses, an eco-innovation challenge and company visit.

How can my business benefit?

The Low Carbon Innovation Forum provides Lancashire SMEs with a supportive space to put the low carbon agenda at the fore-front of business strategy. An ‘eco-innovation’ or ‘low carbon’ agenda could mean addressing how internal processes could work more efficiently to reduce energy usage. It could also mean innovating products or services which will reduce the use of carbon within the sector in which a business is operating. Ultimately, the aim of the programme is for businesses to produce a measurable reduction in the carbon footprint.

There is real incentive for SMEs to dedicate time to think about eco-innovation within their business, which could lead to:

  • More efficient day-to-day processes
  • Competitive advantage through the development of innovative products and services
  • Cost saving ideas

How does it work?

  • Share ideas through a trusted network of SMEs, who have a mutual understanding of the challenges facing directors and managers implementing a low carbon agenda
  • Draw expertise from world-leading and award-winning areas of Lancaster University, through collaboration with the Lancaster University Management School and the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation
  • Learn the tools and techniques to take a fresh view of business practices whilst accelerating innovation to shape new products and develop new processes
  • Experience how good practice looks through a site visit to a large company who has adopted a low-carbon economy

Please note, this programme is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is available to ERDF eligible companies.

How do I find out more and apply?

Contact to apply now, or visit to find out more.

Additional information:

This programme forms part of the Low Carbon Innovation Hub which offers bespoke research projects and management expertise for SMEs. The programme is delivered by the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation in conjunction with the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS).

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