Radar365 is a programme to help companies better understand R&D Tax Credits, and implement methods to maximise their annual claims in less time, with less hassle.

How can my business benefit?

Typically, using the Radar365 approach will:

  • Increase your R&D claim by 20-25%
  • Save you considerable time developing claim documents
  • Allow you to invest more in technical actives / R&D

Most companies sit down at the end of every financial year to try and remember what technical activities they performed for their R&D claim. This takes considerable time (usually days, sometimes weeks) and a lot of the “everyday” work that you do gets forgotten. This results in you spending a lot of time, only to claim less than you’re entitled to.

This programme supports you to plan your projects with your end of year claim in mind, and capture all claimable activities and key data through the year. This ensures that every eligible activity gets claimed, and your end of year process is significantly easier.

The programme has an option to include the development of your claim calculations and production of your end of year claim report. In addition, the cost of this programme can be subsidised through a range of business support programmes. Please ask us for further details.

Our Clients clarify the benefits of the programme for us:

Having been through the claim process for the first time, what we have realised is that it would be much more effective and easier to identify and record our R&D eligible projects in real time, rather than look back at the end of the year and have to ‘dig out’ the information needed. To have this process and system place to track activity and expenditure on our R&D projects as we carry out the work is definitely a much-better route.”
Geeta, Food Manufacture Business

Recording all R&D as it is carried out is something we had to learn to do better, in order to get a full view of the actual costs of our research and ensure nothing was missed. Having a system to allow our key people to capture these eligible costs on an ongoing basis has significantly increased our claim through recording the true cost more accurately.
– Drew, Engineering Business

Who is it for?

This programme is suited to businesses who are eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits. This includes companies who:

  • Are a limited company subject to corporation tax
  • Address challenging technical or scientific problems
  • Spend money addressing these problems (salaries, materials, subcontract costs, etc)

How do I find out more and apply?

Our engagement process is very simple. On calling us, we arrange a meeting (phone call / in person / skype – whichever you prefer) to talk about the programme and make sure it’s right for you. In this meeting, we can often provide indicative estimates of the financial value to your organisation.

If you choose to proceed with the programme, you will receive:

  • An annual strategic session to help you identify all claimable work within your plans
  • An annual support session to ensure your people know how to capture key data
  • Company-wide access to our R&D Annual Register to record activity as it happens
  • Access to our expert phone and email support to assess progress and claim status
  • 1 x full end of year claim report with details for your accountant and HMRC

For further information please visit www.randdtaxclaims.com. To ask any questions or to arrange a meeting, please contact richard@randdtaxclaims.com.

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