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Seedrs is a crowdfunding organisation making it simple for investors to buy into businesses they believe in and share in their success – letting all types of growth-focused businesses raise capital in the process.

They do all of this through a simple, highly professional, online process that protects and empowers investors while helping businesses grow and generate returns. There is a simple tiered fee based on the total funds you raise – and you only pay a fee if your fundraising is successful.

Seedrs’ results to date (as at January 2017) are:

  • Seedrs has completed more than 450 deals to date
  • On average, it takes 4 weeks to fund a deal
  • The average number of investors per deal is 187 and the average investment amount is £1,700

Who is it for?

Seedrs welcome submissions from any business operating in any sector – from idea-stage startups to publicly-listed companies. Each campaign submitted is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our investment team, who reference the following criteria to assess viability:

  • Development – investors will usually want to see a product fully-launched, or ready to launch.
  • Reach – the beginnings of a community or customer base around your business is imperative, and we’d expect a chunk of investment to come from them to generate initial momentum and interest in your campaign.
  • Valuation – investors will want a realistic valuation, so this should be a fair and clear representation of where your business is, and not where it might be one day.

By no means is this list exhaustive, nor would fulfilling the criteria guarantee a successful raise on Seedrs, but it is a useful starting point for any business considering investment.

How does it work?

The process is simple

  1. Create your campaign
    Start by answering Seedrs’ story-building pitch questions. Explain your business, show off your team, lay out the market opportunity and highlight what you plan to do with your investment. Once you’re happy with it, submit it to the team for review.
  2. Get funded
    You have up to 60 days to raise investment. Seedrs will share best practice creative marketing ideas for you to reach out to your network of friends and family, customers, press and others. Seedrs will also share your campaign with their active investor base.
  3. Grow your business
    Once all of the legal paperwork is completed., the funds will be transferred to your business. You’ll be able to keep in touch with your investors for mentorship, marketing outreach, networking and more, all through your own investor relations portal.

Apply online or contact Seedrs by e-mail to

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