Andrew Leeming, Boost Programme Manager gives his thoughts on how Lancashire businesses should plan for growth in the New Year.

Working with and for business is both rewarding and educational. After around 1,820 meetings, probably 9,100 coffees (usually x3 a meeting) and being part of a team that has helped over 5,000 businesses since 2013, I’m constantly inspired, impressed and yes, at times frustrated.

Some people seem naturally brilliant, others inspire through perseverance and dedication and the majority simple get on with it. What does surprise me though is how many people seem shy of asking for Boost help. Maybe it’s a Lancashire thing.

But my Lancashire ‘thing’ for 2018 is this; ask for help, support and advice from Boost. Or any specialist for that matter.

Firstly, I must confess I don’t have the recipe for business success. Sorry.

But I do have (access to) some special ingredients; a partnership of brilliant business advisers, mentors, coaches and specialists who have transformed businesses – and can (help) do the same to yours. Some of these are directly involved in Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub. Others include over 100 private sector business support providers – some of the best in the business.

I understand people in business. No business starts outs assuming it will be easy. No business starts out simply to give it all away, all business is transactional. The same is true for our public sector business support.Put simply, we are here to create employment, higher wages and increase the money circulating in the economy. And Boost is a great example of that.

At Boost, everything starts with a #GrowthConversation. Our conversations are informative, challenging and proactive. It’s the start of a growth journey. It opens doors to an array of advisory talent, funded programme and new contacts. Over 5,000 businesses will back me up on this; it works. But how did it start for them? By asking.

My challenge to all business in Lancashire is don’t go it alone in 2018. If you think it’s cheeky to ask, then be cheeky. Why wouldn’t you want some extra brains working on your business? Even if you are already brilliant – be more brilliant. Or even help other(s) looking for advice.

Lancashire is an amazing place to do business, we have some awesome support (private and public offerings) and people want to help you find the right solutions. Business is always better done in partnership. #WeAreLancashire

All that leaves me to say is; When can we start our #growthconversation?

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