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Whether you’re starting a new business, in the early stages, looking to scale-up an established business or simply looking for some great business support, the Boost Relationship Management team can help.

Today, Gill Millington, referred to as the one on the team who’s the digital geek talks about her role in supporting Lancashire businesses.

What do you see is your role as a Boost relationship manager?

I see my role as the connector and supporter, as in I listen to what a business needs, and then organise support that fits. I also have years of business knowledge myself and if needed, can pass that on as part of the meeting, or show how certain things are done in the digital world.

What kinds of businesses have you helped recently and what areas of support were they seeking?

Because of my profile on the Boost website, and also my social media profile, many come to me with digital and marketing issues. I therefore tend to get to support a business that needs to go online, or wants to understand the digital world and how to make noise in their potential/existing markets.

I am currently supporting a business with SEO needs who wants to gain a basic understanding to allow them to work better and gain traction in their market.

How do you feel you have helped them?

If you ever talk to some of my lovely Boost clients, they will tell you about some idea I had in the middle of the meeting, that came from nowhere, they then adopted a version of it and used it to bring in new business leads. I had a catch up with a client last week and hopefully we will see their products on tv very soon – the idea of using a well-known program with local connections.

What are the key challenges for Lancashire businesses at the moment?

At the moment there are the haves and the have nots – the challenge being supporting the have nots of course, but also getting the haves to acknowledge that they need to access supports well.  This means the haves will then support the have nots by passing on and doing business with them. We have to encourage as much as possible supporting local to ensure we have a thriving local economy.

Why it is so important to help Lancashire business leaders?

Although not a Lancashire Lass, I strongly believe in the local market. I want to support the leaders and get them the best support/knowledge they can have to ensure this county thrives and will in turn support local communities, and continue on a high growth strategy.

Gill Millington - Boost relationship manager

As the Boost team’s digital geek’ Gill can support those struggling with the whole concept of digitalisation or who just need deeper knowledge on the subject. Don’t let that fool you though, she knows how to run a business, having done so herself. Be it analytics or accounts, Gill has a ‘numbers thing’ and is happy to help.

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