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A unique support programme has been launched in Lancashire to help the county’s scaleup business owners prepare their company for sale or investment.

Scale to Sale is a first of its kind collaboration between Two Zero and Sales Geek, an award-winning sales training consultancy firm based in Blackburn.

The programme is specifically targeted to scaleup businesses which have grown at least 20 per cent per year (staff or turnover) over each of the past three years with a minimum of 10 staff.

Over a six-month period, they will work with Sales Geek’s experts to grow their firm in a sustainable way and plan for their future. They will also learn what makes a company attractive to investors and investees and implement this knowledge.

This programme is two thirds funded by Lancashire County Council, which will contribute £2,000. Businesses are expected to contribute the remaining £1,000. The application deadline for the programme is February 14.

For more information, eligibility criteria and to apply for the programme, please click here.

Richard Few, founder, Sales Geek, said: “Sales Geek has worked with thousands of business owners across the UK to grow by developing their sales and marketing strategies. However, we find that while growing their firm, many do not consider or discuss their long-term goal, whether that is sale, investment or another option.

“Scale to Sale provides a unique opportunity to scaleup owners to receive support to help them grow in a structured way, assess their future options and make their firm attractive to investors and investees.”

Sales Geek is itself a scaleup business and benefitted from Two Zero’s Scaleup Resurgence programme last year. The firm has since won a succession of business awards including Scaleup Business of the Year at the BIBAS 2021.

“Benefitting from Two Zero has highlighted to us how valuable business support can be for fast-growing businesses and we’re delighted to now be working with Two Zero to deliver Scale to Sale. For scaleup owners and founders considering their future, we think this programme is a no brainer,” added Richard.

Two Zero is a Lancashire County Council led scaleup partnership and helps the leaders of Lancashire scaleup businesses realise their ambition by delivering programmes, providing access to inspirational and educational resources and opportunities to network with other scaleup leaders.

Amin Vepari, programme manager, Two Zero, said: “Scaleups are vital to the growth of Lancashire’s economy and need different support to achieve their full potential. For some of these businesses, the owner’s ambition may be to attract external investment or sell completely, allowing a different management team to help take the company to another level of growth.

“Lancashire County Council is pleased to partner with Sales Geek and provide funding for scaleup businesses looking to access this support. Sales Geek is an exciting, fast-growing firm and through Scale to Sale, Sales Geek’s team will share their expertise and experiences of growing a business in an investable way, helping owners to evaluate their long-term ambitions.”

For more information, eligibility criteria and to apply for the programme, please click here.

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