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Imperative Solutions is a holistic minded ‘single point provider’ of renewable energy and cost-saving solutions with strong values and integrity. As experts in our field we understand that in the fast-moving energy market it’s essential to work collaboratively with industry partners to ensure that our innovative and knowledgeable team is in the best position to help support Lancashire SME businesses.

  • Our commitment is to put customers first and provide them with the most appropriate solutions, based on their specific requirements. This includes educating and facilitating on future proof renewable energy generation and storage systems that save businesses money, reduce their carbon footprint and help move towards Net Zero targets.
  • We believe in a collaborative approach and by working together it’s possible to accelerate a renewable energy future in Lancashire that makes a positive difference.
    Through the Renewable Energy Independence Programme (REIP) Lancashire SME businesses can benefit from a wide range of solutions, project management and flexible funding options.
  • Larger scale SME businesses in Lancashire can also benefit from Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). This enables eligible businesses to benefit from a fully installing and maintained Solar PV – system without any capital outlay. In addition to this the PPA provides a low rate fixed energy tariff to the business – for up to 25 years.
  • Through the REIP project businesses can also understand how to develop a contingency plan in case of grid blackouts, plus take advantage of a FREE renewable consultation in order to understand more about viable cost saving options – and become less dependent on the grid.
  • We also provide a FREE Voltage Optimisation site survey which can typically identify quick wins in terms of cost savings and improved energy efficiencies.
  • In order to help as many Lancashire SME businesses as possible we are looking for holistic and collaborative minded business introducers.
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What one top tip would you give to a business owner embarking on a growth plan?
In a changing world, evolving work environment and challenging economy it’s important for all businesses to have a bespoke growth strategy and goals. Now is the time to start the growth journey and to maximize the great support network available to help them move forward.

Why is Lancashire a great place to grow a business?
Lancashire is a great place to live and work, with a rich history of success over 100 years of innovation. It is also part of the Northern Powerhouse and a place that encourages growth aspirations.

Why are you backing Boost?
Boost champions ambitious Lancashire businesses to move to the next level. They do this by providing access to a wide range of business support and programmes that help SME’s turn their ideas into a reality.

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