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Leap Health empowers organisations and their people to make physical and mental health a priority and build immunity to an uncertain world, so that they transform personal and professional productivity and happiness.

I Anna Reddy, the founder of Leap Health have over 18 years experience in the pharma industry with results in a variety of disease & therapy areas, and working with many different leading health care professionals.

I am also a qualified nutritionist, hold various fitness related qualifications, and have proven success in leading on health solutions globally. Most importantly my passionate and motivated to improve corporate health to drive productivity is contagious.

What one top tip would you give to a business owner embarking on a growth plan?
My number one tip is to put “Health at the Heart of what you do”. You can invest all you want heavily in Learning & Development, BUT if your people are not mentally and physically in a good place you will not get the return on investment that you hope for.

Why is Lancashire a great place to grow a business?
Let’s be proud of our roots. The north west are leading the way on the vaccination roll out to protect our people. Be part of a county that leads the way on healthy organisations and people.

Why are you backing Boost Business Lancashire?
Boost is an amazing organisation. After working with a few of their advisors and consultants, it is clear they are all experts in their field, they know their stuff… but most importantly want to share it, so that we can all be experts in our field.

For bespoke, innovative, proven solutions for you and your workplace please contact me at anna@leaphealth.co.uk or connect on LinkedIn.


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