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Our coaching team has a powerful blend of wide ranging corporate, SME and academic experience which enables us to design and deliver support that resonates with companies on all levels.

We operate with an inherent curiosity about how people tick at work and what drives organisational success. This pushes our creativity and ability to be innovative in addressing both business development and personal performance needs, a unique combination that achieves results.

With people and profit at the forefront of our minds’ our focus lies in the leadership challenges that a growing business journey brings about. As such, we have a full appreciation of the responsibility that our role holds in developing the mind-set of the leaders, changing behaviours and improving strategic decision making ability to.

We know that we are the catalyst for well-planned and well executed change and therefore position ourselves as the people who:

  • Say what needs to be said in a way that the business will listen
  • Listen to what the business has to say and makes sense of it all
  • Spot opportunities (and risks) a mile off!
  • Create a plan that will be used and will work.

This drives our sense of duty to each organisation we connect with, allowing us to become an open extension of their thinking. Once connected, they rarely want us to leave! This gives us our well-earned edge, as our clients become our community and the learning for all of us is enhanced further.

We achieve this by delivering our own exceedingly insightful external leadership programmes for senior executives, managers and team leaders and internally, by providing bespoke development programmes linked with key strategic consultancy pieces of work. In essence, we support businesses and the people who make it all happen to grow at the pace they really need.

What one top tip would you give to a business owner embarking on a growth plan?

Invest in your people to help them grow at the pace your business needs.

Why is Lancashire a great place to grow a business?

Underpinned by the friendly, loyal, hardworking business people, significant investment in our county is bringing fresh opportunities for Lancashire to innovate, grow and prosper. It’s  now our time to get noticed and shine!

Why are you backing Boost Business Lancashire?

Passionate about supporting people on the cusp of change, it is exciting to be part of a new wave of business growth activities. Lancashire born and bred, I’m continuously inspired by the remarkable levels of dedication that local companies demonstrate.   Boost has the ability to drive outcomes even further by connecting people through its sense of community, helping us all to proudly achieve great results together!

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