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The Wellbeing Farm

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The Wellbeing Farm

The Wellbeing Farm is a unique venue space based within the village of Edgworth, Lancashire (located in between Darwen and Bolton). Nestled amidst picturesque countryside, it offers a unique blend of fun, sustainability and wellbeing providing a range of event spaces to support the needs of Lancashire enterprises.

At its core, The Wellbeing Farm provides a vibrant venue for various events, including weddings, conferences, and company away days. Its rustic charm and scenic surroundings make it a popular choice for gatherings, attracting visitors from across Lancashire and beyond.

Moreover, The Wellbeing Farm goes beyond hosting events by actively supporting local businesses. As one of the UK’s first independent venues to achieve B Corp Certification, each year The Wellbeing Farm hosts B Corp Fest which strives to encourage businesses to attend to learn about business as a power for good. 

The farm also hosts Love Fest for wellbeing providers and its annual Making a Difference Christmas Fair attracts suppliers of ethical, sustainable and homemade products. Finally, the farm also hosts Pride in Your Wedding, a fair dedicated to the same-sex wedding industry. Therefore, the farm plays a key role in promoting sustainability and purpose-led business across Lancashire. 

Overall, The Wellbeing Farm serves as more than just a venue; it's a catalyst for purpose-led business, community engagement, and environmental stewardship in Lancashire. Through its diverse offerings and supportive environment, it empowers businesses to flourish and contribute to the region's prosperity.

What one top tip would you give to a business owner embarking on a growth plan?

Embracing a purpose-led approach and prioritising sustainability offers numerous benefits for business owners. It enhances brand reputation and loyalty, attracting socially conscious consumers and investors.

By aligning with meaningful causes, businesses foster deeper connections with customers, employees, and communities, driving long-term growth and profitability. Sustainability practices reduce operational costs, mitigate risks, and open doors to new market opportunities. 

Furthermore, these efforts contribute positively to the environment and society, fulfilling ethical responsibilities and securing a sustainable future for generations to come. Ultimately, integrating purpose and sustainability into business strategies cultivates resilience, innovation, and enduring success. Business can investigate the B Corp Certification as a starting point to this journey here

Why is Lancashire a great place to grow a business?

Lancashire is a fabulous place to grow a business due to its friendly business community, the support you can obtain and its strategic location. With a rich industrial heritage and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, the region fosters innovation and collaboration across various sectors. Its proximity to major cities like Manchester and Liverpool provides access to larger markets and talent pools while offering lower operational costs compared to metropolitan areas. 

In additon, Lancashire boasts excellent transport links, world-class universities, and business support networks, creating an environment conducive to startups and established enterprises alike. This combination of factors makes Lancashire an ideal destination for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to thrive and expand their businesses.

Why are you backing Boost Business Lancashire?

Boost Business Lancashire provides you with support and resources to help grow your business within Lancashire. By backing Boost, you help contribute to the development of the local economy, create job opportunities, and strengthen the business community. Overall, backing Boost aligns with the goal of promoting prosperity and vitality within the region.

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