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Boost Q&A: Suzy Orr, Unique Ladies Networking

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Unique Ladies Networking is a female entrepreneurs’ networking business. Founder Suzy Orr entered Boost’s Flying Start Programme in 2019 after attending networking events in Lancashire where she met a colleague from Winning Pitch, which delivers the programme on behalf of Boost. Suzy shares her thoughts with Boost on leading a business in Lancashire and advice for new entrepreneurs.

What support did you receive from Boost and how has it helped you and your business?

Sue Denver was extremely supportive in introducing me to the Boost programme. Our franchisees and I have all benefitted from the training sessions, particularly around social media and marketing. In addition to this, I hosted a series of training events for other Boost participants covering the important topic, and my specialist subject, of networking and the etiquette of Zoom!

What piece of advice stood out the most during your Boost support?

Keep telling people what you do.

Who has been your biggest business inspiration and why?

I quite like the idea of Richard Branson just saying yes to everything and then working out how to do it.

What motivates you in business and why?

My business is about empowering women, it’s the women out there that motivate me every day. Until we are equal, in terms of business, to men, then I will always be motivated.

How do you like to start your working day?

Black coffee and reflection followed by a dog walk.

Why is Lancashire a good location for a business?

Lancashire is a great place per say. We are central to a huge network of motorways, halfway to Scotland, a hop over to Ireland. Everyone is friendly and helpful and our infrastructure is far better than down South – FACT.

What would you say to someone who is considering using Boost?

Do it now.

What is your advice for anyone looking to grow a business?

Ask for help and advice but believe in yourself.

Would you like to see your business grow? So would we. To speak to someone from the Growth Hub about business support, contact Boost online or call 0800 488 0057.


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