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Coworking: How shared workspace is adapting to COVID-19

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Working practices are changing. Lots of people have found themselves working at home for the first time. Some people love it, some people find it difficult.

Catarina King, co-owner of Society1, talks about how they have adapted their coworking space at Society1 in accordance with government COVID-19 directives, and are ready to support people who seek an alternative from working from home, by offering a safe place to run their business without committing to a permanent commercial lease.

The coming months are going to be interesting to see how the world of work will change as further lockdowns are in place. We see that shared working spaces will play an important role in connecting people and businesses into the future.

We have made the necessary adaptations to comply with COVID-19 guidance for people who can't work from home or need access to office space, these include:

  • All desks have been spaced to allow for social distancing with screens providing additional safety.
  • The number of usable desks has been reduced on all floors so that people will remain socially distanced whilst they work.
  • Space markings have been added and one-way systems are indicated around the building.
  • A rigorous cleaning schedule and sanitiser stations are in place throughout the workspace.
  • The number of people permitted into the kitchen and social spaces at any one time is limited.

Why coworking may become a solution for you

Even if you can work quite effectively at home, the benefits of getting out of the house and being around other people is invaluable. That little chat whilst you grab a coffee can bring a world of opportunity. It’s key to your wellbeing too.

Knowing that you are in a safe environment is equally important when you do decide to venture out. Here are some of the benefits for coworking.

  • Finding flexibility in how you work.
  • Gaining links to larger organisations in the area.
  • Being around like-minded people.
  • Having the opportunity to connect with others.
  • Finding inspiration and increased creativity.
  • Seeking opportunities for collaboration and new work.
  • Enjoying a place to focus and concentrate.
  • No ties to leases or long contracts.
  • Looking after your wellbeing.
  • Having an alternative place to meet clients rather than the coffee shop.

Will coworking fit into your ‘new normal’?

Coworking can fit into most people’s working lives in some way or another but these are the most popular fits.

  • Freelancers who work from home but enjoy getting out of the house and finding the opportunity to connect to a community of like-minded people.
  • For start-ups, it is a great way to get started on the office ladder. The ability to scale up and down your days working in the shared space offers the flexibility you need when you are starting out.
  • Offices for small teams can be expensive, especially if from now on, your team will not be in the office every day.

Needing that little extra for your business

Many coworking services offer virtual office packages that enable you to register your business at their coworking address. It’s a great option for people working from home instead of using your home address for business.

Meeting rooms to hire on an hourly or day rate provides the option to meet clients in a professional and safe environment. Coworking is a great way to fulfil short term space needs. If you are working on a location-based project or your team temporarily needs a central location to meet, coworking space is a suitable consideration. 

Catarina from Society1

Catarina King is owner and co-founder of Society1, a coworking space in the centre of Preston. Along with her husband Brendan and brother Chris Ruppert, they benefited from business support through Boost’s Growth Support Programme and have since hosted many Boost events at their coworking space and continue to be ambassadors for Boost’s business support programmes.

If you are interested in the coworking services that Society1 offers, you can register for a free day pass to try it out : https://www.society1.co.uk/free-day-pass/


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