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Helping Lancashire businesses: Choosing the right people to lead your business

Choosing the right people to lead your business

Choosing the right people to lead your business is crucial for its success. Not only should you be considering the potential of all candidates you may interview for leadership potential, leaders who share your core values and can embody them are more likely to create a positive impact on the company culture.

Behaviour consultant Godwin Anthony from Ascent Academy delivers comprehensive solutions for all aspects of the hiring process to team-building and ongoing coaching. Here he offers ten key considerations when selecting potential leaders. 1. Define leadership criteria: Determine the specific qualities, skills, and experience you are looking for in your leaders. Consider the leadership style that aligns with your company's values and culture. Identify the key competencies needed to effectively lead your business. 2. Evaluate past performance: Look at the track record and past performance of potential leaders. Assess their achievements, leadership experience, and their ability to drive results. Consider their ability to handle challenges, make tough decisions, and inspire others. 3. Seek a cultural fit: Assess the candidates' alignment with your company's values, mission, and vision. Consider their compatibility with your organisational culture. Leaders who share your core values and can authentically represent and embody them are more likely to create a positive impact on the company culture. 4. Look for strong communication and interpersonal skills: Effective leaders should have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Look for individuals who can clearly articulate their thoughts, actively listen, and engage with others. Assess their ability to build relationships, motivate teams, and resolve conflicts. 5. Asses strategic thinking and vision: Leaders should possess a strategic mindset and the ability to think critically. Evaluate their capacity to set a clear vision for the company's future, develop strategic plans, and make informed decisions. Look for candidates who can navigate ambiguity and adapt to changing market conditions. 6. Consider leadership potential: Consider the growth potential and future leadership capabilities of candidates. Look for individuals who demonstrate a willingness to learn, grow, and take on new challenges. Assess their ability to develop and mentor others, as leadership often involves guiding and empowering a team. We recommend using DISC personality tests 4D profiles to help you to understand a leader's strengths and weaknesses from a fourth dimension and includes a revolutionary new report that offers over 1440 points of comparison for successful predictive hiring. 7. Measure their emotional intelligence: Strong leaders should have high emotional intelligence. They should be self-aware, empathetic, and able to understand and manage their emotions and those of others. Look for individuals who can connect with and motivate employees while demonstrating empathy and fostering a positive work environment. 8. Explore team-building skills: Leaders should have the ability to build and nurture high-performing teams. Evaluate their experience in hiring, developing, and retaining talent. Look for candidates who can inspire and empower their team members to achieve collective goals. We recommend using Team building with DISC Workshops which cater to the unique needs of each organisation. 9. Seek decision-making and problem-solving abilities: Assess the candidates' decision-making and problem-solving skills. Look for individuals who can analyse complex situations, consider multiple perspectives, and make well-informed decisions. Evaluate their ability to take calculated risks and handle adversity. When coaching candidates use DISC personality tests 4D profiles for evaluation. 10. Look for commitment to continuous learning and adaptability: Effective leaders should be committed to continuous learning and personal growth. Look for individuals who demonstrate a growth mindset, are open to feedback, and actively seek opportunities for development. When selecting leaders, consider a combination of these factors while keeping your company's specific needs and context in mind. Involve multiple stakeholders in the selection process to seek diverse perspectives and conduct thorough assessments to make informed decisions. See also: Helping Lancashire businesses: What makes a good leader in a growing business? | Helping Lancashire businesses: Ten steps to building your team from the first employee About the contributor Godwin Anthony Godwin Anthony is a behaviour consultant with a strong track record spanning two decades in the fields of recruitment and leadership development. His expertise lies in fostering high-performance cultures, cultivating winning teams, and providing top-notch coaching and mentoring. Godwin’s mission is centred around empowering individuals and businesses to enhance retention and rediscover their passion for their initial goals. He achieves this by integrating coaching, training, and consulting while leveraging cutting-edge diagnostic tools like NLP, hypnotherapy, and DISC psychometric assessments, which are widely recognised and validated. He received Boost support in 2022 to seek help for his own business to improve performance in a range of areas including marketing and finance. Ascent Academy is a member of Boost & Co, which includes additional public and private sector organisations that can help businesses grow. Boost is helping Lancashire businesses. We have a range of funded support programmes and a team of business advisers you can talk to. To speak to someone from the Growth Hub about business support, contact Boost online or call 0800 488 0057.

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