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How to welcome a new employee to the workplace

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The recruitment process can be a time-intensive exercise for any business, but for fast growing owner-managed businesses it can be particularly challenging. Often, so much effort goes into scoping the job role, arranging interviews and dealing with related admin, that once the appointment is made you realise you’ve given little thought to how you will actually integrate them into the team and what you’ll do with them on their first day.

As soon as they start work, you have a duty of care towards them. This includes making sure they can do the job both safely and competently. The best way to ensure this is through an induction programme. Inductions help new staff fit straight into their role and can maximise their productivity. They set off on the right foot, have a good impression of your workplace and are well motivated from the start.

They have a clear understanding of the premises and business where they are working including any health and safety issues relating to the job. That reduces the risk of any workplace accidents and helps ensure you are meeting your legal requirements. It is worth investing and planning a good induction programme as it reduces mistakes in the long run and also gives new members of staff a good impression of your company.

A pack of information may be useful and should contain information about the organisation, employment documents and facilities such as:

  • The latest annual report
  • An organisational chart
  • The latest staff newsletter
  • Health and safety arrangements
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • A copy of the staff handbook
  • A diagram setting out the location of photocopiers, meeting rooms, eating facilities, lavatories and fire exits

The highest level of staff turnover is among newer workers so it is important to get the induction process right, not only to welcome your new employee into the business, but also to protect your business from an administrative and legal viewpoint.

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Rona McFall, Enterprise and Employment Manager, Regenerate Pennine Lancashire.


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