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How you can benefit from coworking

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Picture a bustling space filled with diverse professionals from various industries, all sharing a common goal of growth and success – this is coworking. Providing hot-desking, meeting rooms, private spaces for calls, and amenities like unlimited coffee, coworking spaces like Society1 offer everything you need to support your workweek. 

Whether you're a freelancer seeking a vibrant atmosphere or a startup craving connections, your business can benefit from coworking in so many ways.

Catarina King, co-founder of Society1, a vibrant coworking space based in Preston, discusses several benefits of coworking.

These days, an increasing number of businesses are opting for remote or hybrid work models. This shift is largely driven by the recognition of the benefits it offers to both employers and employees.

Remote work allows for greater flexibility, enabling employees to better balance their personal and professional lives, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

For those of us who work remotely, but still value in-person connection and collaboration, coworking spaces are a valuable option. They offer a perfect blend of flexibility, focus and social elements that can get lost when working alone.

Many coworking services offer a range of options to use their facilities. At Society1 you don’t have to be a member to use our space. We offer drop-in day passes and our meeting rooms are available for anyone to book. 

If you prefer a regular arrangement, our monthly plans are a reasonably priced and worth considering. The 30-day commitment provides an easy option when you need flexibility.

The benefits of coworking

  1. Flexibility – Coworking spaces provide flexible membership options, which allow you to seamlessly scale up or down based on your business needs. 
  2. Community – Coworking spaces serve as a hub for diverse and vibrant communities of professionals, naturally leading to collaborations, partnerships, friendships, and opportunities. 
  3. Events – Get access to a range of events to support your business, from networking socials to business advice sessions and more. Events provide invaluable opportunities to meet other people, learn useful techniques, and forge meaningful professional relationships. 
  4. Professional image – Project a more professional image with a city centre address, state-of-the-art meeting rooms for client meetings or interviews, and top-tier coffee facilities. 
  5. Virtual office solutions – get business away from your home. A coworking space can handle your post, deliveries, and even provide a phone line.
  6. Boost wellbeing – Prioritise the mental health of your employees by providing an alternative to working from home. Coworking spaces contribute to employee wellbeing by offering social interaction and a change from the usual, thereby helping to improve productivity.  
  7. Save money – Avoid the significant upfront costs associated with an office lease. Someone else takes care of the electricity, gas, Wi-Fi, and furniture, saving you effort and money.

Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, we highly recommend that you take the time to explore the coworking options in your area and discover how they can enhance your experience and help your team and business thrive. Attending events is a great way to get a feel for a space.  

How different people can use a coworking space

Freelancers, remote workers, consultants, or solopreneurs

When you work alone it is beneficial to be around other like-minded people. A day or two a week working from a coworking space is a perfect way to get out of the house, be somewhere inspiring and mix with other people. The relaxed atmosphere is an accessible way to meet people without the heavy pressure of networking.

Small and growing teams

When you start out in business it is tricky to understand what space requirements you will have for your team. Basing yourself in a coworking space allows you to grow organically without the pressure of a lease, simply add desks as you need them. 

It also provides a turnkey solution, so no need to think about internet connections, utility bills or buying the tea bags. All of that is sorted by the space operators.

Large organisations and remote teams

Many organisations have teams in different places. By providing employees with a coworking pass it encourages wellbeing. It also provides a base to hold team meetings, coworking days or host clients in a professional environment.

Local businesses

Even if you have your own office, it is beneficial to interact with your local coworking space. Attending events or utilising meeting rooms for client meetings or team days is a positive addition to your business setup.

Come and give coworking a try

If you're local to Preston, we invite you to visit us at Society1. We offer free day passes for those interested in experiencing coworking first hand, register via our website. 

Furthermore, our comprehensive events programme offers networking opportunities, meet-ups, and more, all aimed at fostering community engagement and supporting your business. See you soon for coworking, community and collaboration! 

Society1 is running a competition to win a FREE membership to their coworking space. You can tailor the membership to suit your working needs and priorities, by choosing between a six-month Community Plus membership or two-month Flexi membership. 

To enter, follow the link here and subscribe to the Society1 newsletter. For an extra entry, head over to Society1’s Instagram page and give their competition post a like and share.  

About the contributor

Catarina from Society1 200x300

Catarina King is the co-founder of Society1, a family run, vibrant coworking space based in Preston, with a friendly community of over 150 freelancers, solopreneurs, consultants and businesses. Society1 offer a range of coworking spaces including a boardroom, workshop, kitchen and more. 

Society1 is a member of Boost & Co, which includes additional public and private sector organisations that can help businesses grow.

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