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Meet the Boost team: Sue Denver


Whether you’re starting a new business, in the early stages, looking to scale-up an established business or simply looking for some great business support, the Boost Business Advice team can help.

Today, Sue Denver, a professional with a background in project management, business software solutions and strategy, talks about her role in supporting Lancashire businesses.

What motivated you to want to help other people in business and to become a business adviser?

After accumulating 15 years of experience in the digital sector, I gained first-hand insight into the myriad of issues and challenges that businesses encounter. During this time, a business adviser played a pivotal role in guiding us through significant obstacles.

This experience heightened my awareness of the critical role played by business support services. Motivated by this realisation, I made the decision to transition my career path to actively engage with and assist small businesses facing similar challenges.

Who has been your biggest business inspiration and why?

An inspiring figure is Steve Jobs, known for his role in co-founding Apple Inc. His focus on creating user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing products transformed multiple industries, making technology more accessible and intuitive for consumers.

Bringing this concept to life for a local business; back in 2001 I worked with a newly formed father and son business, who have since grown into a multi-million pound business with over 200 staff.

Why is Lancashire a great location for a business?

Lancashire has a robust business support network that includes organisations like Boost and it’s local authorities, offering assistance, advice, and funding opportunities for startups and SMEs.

How do you like to start your working day?

A quiet hour with a coffee and checking my social media.

What do you consider to be the greatest challenge for Lancashire businesses in the current economic climate?

In today’s economic climate I consider recruitment to be a big challenge together with managing business finances.

What are your three top tips for anyone looking to start or grow a business?

Starting or growing a business can be a challenging but rewarding endeavour. Here are my three top tips for individuals venturing into business or seeking expansion:

1. Thoroughly research and understand your market.
2. Develop a solid business plan.
3. Seek business advice from an adviser or mentor.

About the author

Sue Denver

Sue has over 20 years’ experience supporting Lancashire businesses in various business support roles including delivering Boost’s Bespoke Programme through Winning Pitch and managing the Boost Flying Start team. Sue also helped to deliver the Peer Networks programme across Lancashire.

With a professional background in project management, business software solutions and strategy, now as part of Boost’s Business Advice Service, Sue provides business advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to improve or implement new systems and processes. She can offer advice on new technologies and can help point businesses in the right direction to enable their implementation.

If you’re looking to grow, scale or start your business, use Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub. We offer a range of funded business support services.
Call our Business Support Helpdesk on 0800 488 0057 to find out more or complete our enquiry form.


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