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Mentoring insights: When an email = profit

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I, like many other small business owners and managers, often get distracted by the constant tirade of emails, phone calls, texts and social media messages. Yep, it's that ARGHHHHHHHHHH moment coming...

I remember one day I counted 84 emails that came into my inbox and I sent out more than 40! Ok, communication is great but at what cost to actually running my business?

During one of the early sessions with my mentor I discussed this... I said something like "I can't get anything done! I seem to be getting emails and texts and calls constantly throughout the day." Sure, I'd been to seminars and seen presentations where they tell you to turn your email off while you're working or switch the internet off...

But there's always that niggle in my mind saying "what if I miss something"? My mentor cut through this by questioning the value of actions that I will continue to use every day of my business life moving forward.

He said something really simple "What would happen if you attached a £ sign in your mind next to every email?" I thought about this and really, when you consider it, it's a great question...

 Although I use it slightly differently. Every relationship you have has a value. The value may be emotional i.e. you feel good from the relationship you have with the client, associate or prospect.

It may be a financial, or it may be that you see future-value in that relationship. Please, don't think this is all about money, it's really not. What this has made me do is realise that certain emails need replying to very quickly, others can be replied to later in the day, while others, quite frankly, just need deleting! What's this really about? It's about efficiency and productivity.

But it's also about the expectation that people have about the speed in which you reply. There's a real urge to reply to every email really quickly but that's when snap decisions might not always be the right one! Here's another tip that I absolutely implore you to use...

If it ever sounds like a relationship is or has gone sour via email... PICK UP THE PHONE! All too often do people assume that an email has been written in a very different manner from which it was intended.

So, it took my growth mentor maybe 30 seconds to tell me something that was staring me in the face - don't let technology and emails rule your day! Attach a value to them (financial or not) and never give a knee jerk reaction until you actually really understand what the person you're communicating with it actually saying!

If you're wondering how a growth mentor could help you, keep an eye out for my next blog or contact the team at Boost because I promise you, you only have everything to gain!

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Morgan Rothwell, director of D&M Creative Ltd.


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