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Optimise your workspace to help boost your recovery

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Covid-19 has given rise to the opportunity for businesses to press the reset button on their workspace requirements.

Liz Wilkinson, general manager at The Landmark in Burnley, talks about how collaborative workspace will become evermore popular as businesses and entrepreneurs adapt to new working practices.

Respond quickly to opportunities as they occur

To keep business continuity in a 'post-covid' world, most companies are looking to do things differently with flexibility, adaptability and manoeuvrability holding the keys to success. Imagine the frustration of being the first to spot an opportunity but the last to capitalise. Many organisations have the resources but for whatever reason cannot respond quickly enough.

One option to consider is to swap your office for a modern, flexible space that offers a business community where you can rent desks instead of an entire office floor or building. As your operations grow you may then be able to opt for private offices but in a flexible arrangement with no fixed costs. In coworking facilities, such as The Landmark, if you want more space you can take it for as long as you need, then go back to a smaller space. That way what you spend is directly related to what you’ve got coming in.

It’s an adaptable service rather than a fixed one and that’s one of the keys to recovery. Don’t get stuck doing what you’ve always done, you need to be prepared to change, and be prepared to change quickly. One of the great things about using a collaborative workspace is that you can expand or contract your office space according to the needs of your business.

Collaboration is as important as competition

If you step back and see the bigger picture, it’s in the national interest that businesses survive. Being a business owner can be lonely at times, but remember, there are plenty of people out there wishing you well. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, a casual chat or quick advice or a second opinion. 

A lot of the time business managers already have an idea what they need to do, but they just need talk things over with someone outside the business. Having someone to bounce ideas off is invaluable. That’s one of the areas where a coworking space can help. These days collaboration is just as important as competition – perhaps even more so. Connectivity, interaction and networking are imperative.

Someone else is probably sitting on the solution to your problems right now, and neither they nor you realise it. So, the final piece of advice is to seek out others like yourself and engage with them. Getting on in business is very often about making the right contacts, as quickly as possible, and a great way to do that is to start working in a shared business environment.

The people and companies operating at The Landmark get a shared workspace and the benefit of a regular calendar of social events all designed to encourage networking and collaboration.

Working together

At the start of 2020 COVID-19 threw the business world a curveball. But then businesses deal with problems every day, after all that’s why your business exists in the first place: to solve a problem.

Otherwise you would have ceased trading long ago. The difficulty that we’re all facing is that the problems keep changing, and the only way to maintain continuity is to be flexible enough to change with it. That means have the ability to act fast, and the intention to work together. 

Liz Wilkinson, in her role as general manager at The Landmark, works closely with the director to steer and shape the Landmark's Business Club. Liz has hosted many successful business support events at The Landmark in partnership with Boost.

The Landmark is a thriving Business Club in the heart of Burnley town centre offering a fully flexible workspace with high-quality, affordable private office space, flexible monthly coworking memberships and pay-as-you-go hot desking options along with access to meeting rooms, large event and conference facilities and fully licensed cafe bar. 

The Landmark is a member of Boost & Co, working towards a brighter future for Lancashire business. For more information about The Landmark and how it can help your business visit www.thelandmarkburnley.co.uk.


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