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Spotlight on Support: Business Excellence: Ideas into Action programme

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Boost is a funded business support service that helps Lancashire business owners and leaders navigate the business support landscape to find the right support for their business.

Our Business Support Spotlight series highlights the wealth of support listed on Boost’s Support Hub and available to Lancashire businesses. Today’s spotlight shines on Lancaster University Management School's Business Excellence: Ideas into Action programme.

How do you help Lancashire businesses?

At Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) we’ve been helping businesses leaders to innovate, develop and grow for over 20 years. Implementing academic expertise, utilising our relationships with business experts, enhancing our understanding of the business world and translating and sharing that knowledge to a wider business context. LUMS offers a wide range of support and opportunities for businesses based in Lancashire as well as the wider North West.

Why do Lancashire businesses need your support?

LUMS academics, business experts and staff have been working closely with SMEs throughout the pandemic, using peer-learning and knowledge exchange to support and inform each other. It’s not just about learning from our expertise, but engaging with and learning from other business leaders too.

 By delving into shared experiences, challenges, lessons learned along the way and strengths business leaders have developed over time, this creates a shared learning experience, which is perhaps even more important in the current times of fast-paced change and disruption. The last couple of years have been challenging for businesses in Lancashire and we are here to help them move on, to the next phase - to innovate, develop and grow.

How are you helping Lancashire businesses overcome the economic challenges of coronavirus?

Through our Lancashire Forum: Business Excellence programme offerings – we have worked with business experts to develop an ‘Ideas into Action’ programme, starting March 3, 2022, taking place online over three half-day sessions.

This programme will help businesses to develop their ideas, view all the options available to minimise risk and spend less to make viable new ideas happen.

Workshop One: Idea development – March 3, 2022

This workshop begins with an overview of the process of innovation, from idea to commercialisation. You will be introduced to the “power moves” principle that will underpin this programme. Receive peer feedback to help select your most promising ideas, and using tools presented in the workshop you will begin to develop those ideas.

Workshop Two: Minimise risk, move faster, spend less – March 15, 2022

Review how you might test your ideas quickly and effectively to accelerate your progress and create a Minimum Viable Product outline for your idea, ready for testing.. Get fresh perspectives from your peers and draw out the ‘known unknowns’ and identify actions to test your idea in reality. Work through a step-by-step process to help with innovation decision making and shape the headlines of your business case.

Workshop Three: Make your ideas happen – March 30, 2022

Work with your peers to review the key barriers in the way, and factors to accelerate innovation and create an action plan. Identify actions that will make significant impact to your innovation process and create an innovation roadmap to build clarity and momentum.

What are the other key challenges for Lancashire businesses at the moment?

Current key challenges for businesses include creating effective pricing structures, removing waste from processes and materials to bring your business up-to-date with today’s priorities, as well as putting new ideas and innovations into action.

Our programmes look to give businesses, the opportunity to take time out of the day-to-day to work on business purpose, strategy and future plans. The online Lancashire Forum: Business Excellence programme offerings from LUMS are designed to be short, practical and impactful with 12 hours of your time delivering high business impact, taking your business to the next level. Innovate, develop and grow with LUMS.

What’s the future for the Lancashire economy?

The past few years have been challenging for businesses, but it has shown how adaptable, reactive and resourceful Lancashire business owners can be and the opportunities this presents for our region is inspiring.

If we work together to collaborate and grow, Lancashire can lead the way as a beacon of responsible, purposeful and profitable, business success. Do you want to be a part of the journey? Find out more and enquire today: lancaster.ac.uk/lums/business-excellence

The Lancashire Forum is a project designed for senior decision makers of Lancashire businesses with between 5-250 employees. European Regional Development Fund eligibility criteria applies. 

Visit our website for more information about further opportunities available to businesses: lancaster.ac.uk/lums/smes


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