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The Growing Club – a peer coaching club for women in business

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This year Jane Binnion and Rachel Holme launched The Growing Club - a business coaching club for women business owners and founders of charities and social enterprises. It launched in March, with a second in-take planned for September. Here, business trainer Jane, explains more.

What is the The Growing Club?

We know a good coach can increase focus and business productivity – but we also know that not everybody can afford one. The Growing Club is an alternative option, it is affordable and aims to make sure you and your coach are a good match, so you have the best experience.

  • This is a year-long commitment to help you grow a healthy and sustainable business
  • Members meet monthly for a seminar and group work
  • Each woman will have a buddy for support to keep them on track
  • Each woman will receive a one to one coaching session with myself or Rachel

Why is The Growing Club for women only?

I am aware that some people don’t like women only business support, and that is of course fine, but this is simply about helping to level the playing field. Many women start businesses for different reasons to men and this can impact on how and when they are able to benefit from business support. Women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises have long been overlooked or not taken seriously, but there is a massive increase of women setting up in business, often from home, to manage their lives on their terms. Last July eBay revealed that businesses set up and run by mums as sole-proprietors are flourishing, generating £7.2 billion for the UK economy in 2014, and supporting 204,600 jobs last year alone. See the report here. That is worth taking seriously. In the report eBay predicted by 2025, increased opportunity and flexibility for mums in business, will:

  • Add an extra £2 billion to the economy, taking the annual mum-economy to £9.5 billion
  • Support an extra 13,000 jobs, taking the total employed by mum-run businesses to 217,600

There is nothing like another female role model to inspire women and girls. In 2008 the Goldman Sachs Foundation set up the 10,000 Women initiative providing 10,000 women from across 56 countries with business and management education, mentoring and networking. The graduates reported immediate and sustained business growth. Some 18 months after completing the program, nearly 70% of surveyed graduates increased their revenue and nearly 60% added new jobs. On average, graduates doubled the size of their workforces and revenues increased nearly fivefold. This initiative shows that investing in women creates a virtuous cycle, as women use their income and skills to support their families and communities. Nine out of ten participants went on to share what they had learnt by mentoring and teaching business skills to other women. Read more here. Goldman Sacs called it womenomics, as you get a 30x return on every $1 invested in women’s business education.

Is The Growing Club for you?

It’s certainly not for everyone.  The group is aimed at women sole traders, micro business owners and founders of not-for-profit organisations who are committed to growing their business. The club launched in March with a second in-take planned for this September. The membership cost is £250 which can be paid in two instalments. For further information or to register your interest email Jane@janebinnion.com

About the founders.

Jane Binnion, previously a youth and community worker has been running her ethical business training business from Galgate for five years. Rachel Holme a professional network marketer based in Lancaster, is the founder of a rapidly growing local women’s networking group and a business coach in global recruitment, management and development.


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