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What makes a good sales person?

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It takes a systematic and determined effort to succeed in sales.

There can be little difference between the best and everyone else – but still they win. Small differences in ability, attitude, systems and strategies lead to huge differences in results.

Here Rona McFall shares nine critical success factors on what makes a good sales person.


You must decide that you actually want to be a successful sales person and act upon it. Read, train and attend conferences and events so you are confident you can sell. 


Researching, profiling and finding the right prospects for your business; those that yield the best long-term opportunities. 

Getting appointments

Cold calling is absolutely essential to your business.


 Researching the individual prospect and their company before you meet them.

Opening the meeting

What you say in the first few seconds is vital to the success of the meeting. 


Finding out exactly what the prospect wants and needs. 


Presenting a great pitch that exactly meets the needs that and wants that you’ve identified. 


Winning the licence to ask for the business by being skilled at overcoming objections and negotiating. 


Retaining long-term sales from key profitable accounts. I believe these are essential to be successful in sales and you MUST excel in all of them. 

Rona McFall is Head of Entrepreneurial Solutions at Winning Pitch

Regenerate Pennine Lancashire and Winning Pitch deliver boot camps for new businesses as part of Boost’s Lancashire LEAP programme. For more information on Lancashire LEAP click here.


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