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Why good business health isn’t a perfect science

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As a relatively health-conscious person, I do lots of walking and swimming. I have always pursued an active lifestyle, but then my back gave way and suddenly I was unable to do the fun stuff (hockey and squash).

So I kind of stopped and kind of got a bit larger, so now I do ‘boring stuff’ that won’t hurt my back, but does strengthen it and keep me fit(ish). Why am I telling you this? In a roundabout way I’m trying to explain why you should at least consider accessing support from Boost Business Lancashire.

 It occurred to me on a walk while listening to an audio book, Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science, in which he makes the simple assertion that health professionals struggle to convince people to lead healthy lives.

It’s something I can testify to. Before I started doing economic development I did a Master’s degree in health promotion and spent about eight years working for several NHS trusts in community development and health promotion roles. I see massive similarities when it comes to business health. You know that your business could be better, smarter, more agile, bigger, quicker etc.

Sometimes you even know the solutions, but, well it’s not a good time, not yet, maybe next month. Maybe you’re waiting on someone else, or maybe you need to see something negative before you take action. Do we say the same thing about our own personal health? Yes, I know I do and I also know it’s an imperfect world. Boost Business Lancashire is not there to preach, to make you feel guilty, or to offer the silver bullet.

In a similar way to good health promotion, it’s there to inspire, cajole, motivate and make the journey that little bit easier. Good health is imperfect and so is good business health. There is no one single pill that will cure all ills, but we hope that Boost Business Lancashire makes your business growth journey a little bit easier. We don't expect that Boost will give you earth-shattering results immediately or that everything you learn will be revelatory.

However, we do hope that we provide access to great support – somewhere where you can explore options, seek new ideas, learn from others and maybe even share your own wisdom. Boost is a genuine attempt to make business support more accessible, more relevant and simple to engage with. If you are committed to making your business fitter and healthier then get in touch.


Andrew Leeming is senior projects officer in the Business Growth and Innovation team at Lancashire County Council.

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