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Inspirational Women Q&A: Cheryle Britton, YOLO Wellbeing

Cheryle Britton

Cheryle Britton, an experienced marketeer in consumer products, was inspired to set up her own business after returning from a family trip to Sri Lanka. She offers workers a unique sensory experience that combines massage and meditation in a specially designed YOLO van that Cheryle and her colleagues drive to the client’s workplace.

Having a marketing background in health and beauty products spanning 20 years, Cheryle had many creative ideas for the business and received support from Boost when she began her new business journey.

Here she shares her own inspirational Lancashire woman in business story.

What does your business do?

YOLO Wellbeing is a multi-award winning workplace wellness business that enables employers to show they value their employees while supporting their physical and mental health. We provide a range of wellness activities and workshops including our unique YOLO Experience Therapy, which is proven to improve performance in the workplace. The outcomes are an enhanced employee experience resulting in more engaged, higher performing teams.

Why did you start your own business?

After experiencing the combined power of massage with meditation while on a family holiday, six years ago, I was inspired to retrain and leave my marketing career of 23 years to launch YOLO Wellbeing. You can read more about my story on our website.

What has been your biggest business breakthrough?

My biggest breakthrough came following lockdown restrictions eased in 2021. I delivered some pro-bono sessions to four NHS Trusts across the northwest. The plan was to thank staff for their contribution and bravery throughout the COVID pandemic.

Due to the popularity of the service and feedback we have continued to work with the NHS, and have recently completed a Real World Validation Trial with the University of Central Lancashire and Royal Lancaster Hospital, Emergency Department which has proven that YOLO Experience Therapy significantly decreases the perceived exhaustion levels in NHS staff.

What has been your proudest achievement in your business?

In May 2022 I co-wrote our accredited CDP Level 3 YOLO Experience Therapy course. We have since run two courses and have four qualified YOLO Experience Therapists. All four therapists are receiving amazing feedback, which gives me great confidence in the service we provide, and our ability to scale.

What is the most effective support or guidance you have received?

Boost has been involved in my business journey from the start. Initially, I was able to access workshops, peer support and mentors which was incredibly valuable in helping to provide skills but also a network of people with which to grow and share.

The Boost #AskForHelp campaign through COVID resulted in my working with a fabulous group of Lancashire Wellbeing Providers raising the profile and importance of well-being in the workplace.

I am currently on the Two Zero Women Scaling Up Programme delivered by Wendy Bowers and Katy Mason. The focus of this programme on individual needs as well as business performance is the perfect mix to be able to grow as a leader and a business, for which I am very grateful.

The support I have, and continue to receive, has been timely with my journey and ambition to grow.

What keeps you going when things are tough?

Honestly, sometimes I’m not sure! Fear of failure is a driver, but that can only keep you going for so long. What keeps me going is the belief that my business model is a good one and I am surrounded by good people; my team, my clients, peers and mentors.

What are your best three tips for maintaining your well-being?

My three top tips are:

1. Awareness. Know when you need to step up self-care, don’t ignore the red flags.

2. Do something you enjoy at least once or twice a week. That can be anything from playing your favourite music on your commute home; taking a bath with the door locked, to jumping out of a plane. Whatever works for you and your lifestyle.

3. Create distance from the things that cause stress and tension. That can be physical or mental. Write things down, talk to someone, or move away from a situation and take time out.

What advice would you give to a female entrepreneur starting a business?

Understand your why. Be honest with yourself and go for it.


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