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Lancashire wellbeing providers join forces to promote a healthy recovery for the local economy

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A group of Lancashire-based wellbeing providers has collaborated to create an alliance to provide wellbeing-related support information and services to local businesses.

The group, Wellbeing Lancashire, aims to ensure that the wellbeing of employees and workers is a priority in getting the economy back on its feet. Part of its directive is to align wellbeing strategy and the delivery of support across the region through local government services, the integrated care system and education establishments as well as the private sector. The Alliance and has a range of objectives based on making wellbeing a top priority in Lancashire which include:

  • Being an agile and dynamic response unit for acute wellbeing challenges
  • Implementing wellbeing into economic, industrial and manufacturing strategy
  • Providing a signposting and selection service for wellbeing delivery
  • Aligning with health innovation to start to prevent future wellbeing challenges
  • Accrediting wellbeing providers to Wellbeing Lancashire Standards
  • Accrediting Lancashire businesses on their wellbeing strategy, delivery and outcomes

It has also launched a website to further support its cause and to help build awareness of the importance of wellbeing. Wellbeing Lancashire was formed by attendees at a Boost #AskForHelp event in April, hosted by Jason Kingston of Cube Thinking.

In September, they brought together influential Lancashire leaders from across private, public and third sector, in a round table discussion to look at how a collaborative approach to health and wellbeing can help boost the local economy. The alliance’s ambitions have already gained significant traction across the county and it is actively tackling the challenges the people and businesses face.

Cheryle Britton, founder of Yolo Wellbeing and one of driving forces behind the new alliance said:  “What started as a cup of virtual coffee over Zoom, has turned into a collaboration across Lancashire organisations to make wellbeing a top priority.

“COVID-19 is having a big impact on the region’s mental health and wellbeing. The Health Foundation reported that more than two-thirds of adults in the UK report feeling somewhat, or very worried about the effect the virus is having on their life. This will have a huge impact on their sense of motivation, performance at work and level of productivity. This then has an ongoing impact on the economy.

“We hope through a combined effort that we can help support the welfare and wellbeing of Lancashire people and subsequently boost the local economy.”

Andrew Leeming, programme manager, Boost, said: “During coronavirus, we have repositioned our entire Boost service to give business leaders a place to turn through our #AskForHelp and #BoostYourRecovery campaigns. Understanding wellbeing is crucial right now, given the huge changes we have all made in our working lives over the past six months. We want to work with businesses who care about their people and are keen to make a positive difference to wellbeing.”

Boost, and Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, are both partners of Wellbeing Lancashire, and will contribute toward the alliance's strategic direction. A full list of Wellbeing Lancashire members is available here.


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