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Brooks Accountants, based in Lytham, was founded by Suzie Brooks in 2013. The company has grown steadily since, and received support from Boost’s Growth Mentoring programme in 2018 which resulted in the company recruiting five new members of staff after doubling turnover.

The latest in our Boost Q&A series, Suzie shares her thoughts with Boost about growing a business and the support she has had from the Growth Hub along the way.

What support did you receive from Boost and how has it helped you and your business?

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive mentoring support through two separate Boost programmes, Growth Mentoring and Boost Bespoke, with the same adviser, Paul Bury. Not only has it helped us to get our message out that we’re different from traditional accountants, but Paul has also encouraged and supported us in launching two new businesses.

What piece of advice stood out the most during your Boost support?

Paul gave me lots of great advice throughout our time working together, but the one that changed the way I approach the growth plans of the business is that if you wait to launch a new business, service or product until it’s perfect then someone else will beat you to it.

Who has been your biggest business inspiration and why?

There hasn’t really been any one business inspiration in my career. I do like to read about other business success stories, especially if they’ve beaten the odds to succeed. Those stories inspire me to continue to improve and grow.

What motivates you in business and why?

I just like helping people. Having the skills and knowledge to help others achieve business success makes me passionate about providing them with everything they need to run and grow a successful business. Providing solutions to clients’ problems and helping them achieve their goals is so rewarding.

How do you like to start your working day?

With a very large coffee obviously! I always spend the first 15 minutes on my plan for the day. If I let myself be guided by emails, clients, or staff, then I spend the day being a busy fool. Being organised in this way ensures I stay focused and on-task throughout the day.

Why is Lancashire a good location for a business?

Lancashire is full of entrepreneurial spirit. It’s well connected, has thriving commercial centres and a huge range of support available to local businesses.

What would you say to someone who is considering using Boost?

It’s a game-changer and there is no cost so why wouldn’t you?

The great thing about Boost is that their advisers take the time to understand your business and then connect you with the exact support you need. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What is your advice for anyone looking to grow a business?

Get yourself a great accountant & a business mentor!

To grow a business, you need to invest in the right support. It’s important to have expert help in planning and monitoring your growth, to ensure you stay on track. Being accountable to others is also a real motivator to succeed.

Would you like to see your business grow? So would we.
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