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Ireland: Dispelling the Myths

June 05, 2024

08:00 - 10:30


North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

Join us for an interesting insight into trading with both Northern and Southern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland is in the unbelievably special position, a unique position in the entire world, in having privileged access not just to the UK home market, which is the fifth biggest in the world, but also the European Union single market. Nobody else has that,” said UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

However there remains much confusion on the how’s and what’s you need to do when sending your goods both to an end customer in the North or onwards to the South. We are delighted that Stephen McAneney an expert in cross border trade from Allied FS will join us to help navigate your way through the Windsor Framework which facilitates two “lanes” for goods arriving in Northern Ireland from Great Britain, with a “green lane” for goods set to remain in the British province and a “red lane” for goods that may be exported to the EU.

This ensures that products in the green lane require minimal checks or paperwork, compared to their red lane counterparts. With Northern Ireland selling three times as much to Great Britain as to the Republic of Ireland, the Windsor Framework is key in facilitating smooth movement of goods to its major market.

The U.K. and Republic of Ireland trade over €1 billion worth of goods and services every week. Ireland is a good place for UK businesses to try exporting for the first time, as business practices, laws, systems of finance and broader culture are similar to the UK. However, a set of competitive and strong product and service USPs are important to succeed in a competitive market environment.

The Republic of Ireland has a dynamic business environment and multi-cultural population making Ireland the fastest growing economy in the European Union and home to global leaders across an array of sectors. The U.K. and Ireland enjoy a close cultural affinity and longstanding political, economic, and commercial relations.

Through a series of presenters will introduce the benefits of trading with Ireland including the outlook for Project Ireland 2040 which outlines the Irish government’s plan to provide for regional development and to improve the nation’s infrastructure with a focus on green and digital economies.

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Strawberry Fields, Euxton Lane, Chorley, PR7 1PS

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