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Through the fully funded Boost Growth Mentoring programme, business owners and managers can access a wide variety of professional experts to help them develop and grow their business.

We highlight some of the mentors working with Lancashire businesses behind the scenes. So take a break and read about Adam Botterill, a specialist in sales growth, profit improvement and growth mentoring.

Why did you choose to become a mentor?

My success to date is 100 per cent attributable to the mentors and coaches who I’ve worked with throughout my career. I’ve always had passion, a strong work ethic, and a different perspective to offer, however, in many instances I didn’t communicate my thoughts in a way that would create the change I so passionately desired.

My mentors and coaches helped me learn about myself and how to maximise my impact. Through their teaching I managed to adapt my approach to suit different situations, which allowed me to make my concepts live inside other people’s minds.

I now help others by firstly creating robust strategies that will deliver the goals, but more importantly, I help them include their people, and simultaneously achieve cultural improvements – because culture truly does eat strategy for breakfast!

How do you make a real difference to Lancashire businesses?

I expand leaders’ ambitions and help them realise their potential. Leaders don’t always have the luxury of entrepreneurial minded people in their organisations, this can often result in pessimistic viewpoints when new objectives are created, or change is presented.

I am that supportive sound board that reassures with substance, by plotting the achievable steps that will elevate a business to achieve their goals.

What is your area of expertise and why is it an important area to for business leaders to address?

Strategic communication. This is the combination of creating a solid strategy and capturing the whole organisation, its customers, and suppliers, so that they all understand where they feature in it, and how it will benefit them personally.

Achieve both, and the likelihood of success increases exponentially. Achieve only one of these aspects and you can guarantee delays, more than likely surrounded with people issues.

What has been your most inspirational moment as a mentor?

I’m extremely fortunate to have a job that offers daily nuggets of fulfilment whilst overflowing my sense of purpose receptacle. It genuinely is a pleasure to help people who find themselves in positions I have struggled with on many occasions, but now, have the simple methods required to move forward.

The standout moment for me is one where I had a managing director breakdown into tears as a result of personnel issues, customer pressures and a volatile market. I could completely empathise with their feelings, and I was just happy to be confided in so that I could clear the noise, and detail how we would overcome these challenges.

It’s true what they say…… It can be lonely at the top.

What are the key challenges for Lancashire businesses at the moment?

Many are facing supply issues, many are facing rising costs in raw material, and components.

Personally, I see the challenge being how much businesses can capitalise on the current buoyancy and revived positivity in their respective markets.

There will always be challenges, make your challenge how to achieve your objectives as opposed to how to tackle your drawbacks. The momentum will pull you forward and overshadow the adversity you face.

As a mentor, what are your three business growth tips?

1. Understand clearly what you want and why

2. Create a realistic strategy that includes a timeframe, resource, and the people responsible

3. Always, always, include your people as much as you can – collaboration supersedes communication

Boost Growth Mentor - Adam Botterill

Throughout Adam’s career he has become recognised as an accomplished and internationally experienced commercial leader who is committed to driving profitability and growth through exceptional improvements to systems, people and sales and marketing processes.

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