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Based in Lancaster, Forsberg Services specialises in supplying precision navigation and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solutions for navigation needs across a range of industries.

This varies from individual components, customised products and full design services whether complete system, electronic, mechanical or software design. Forsberg develops and creates its own products as well as supplying other brands.

Last year the company was celebrating its 30th anniversary. From a small start up consultancy in 1987, Forsberg now employs a staff of 26 across engineering, design and customer relations specialists.

Having been with the company for almost 12 years, Operations Director Chris Mayne joined the North West Productivity through People (PtP) programme with a clear idea of what the company’s objectives and long term strategic goals are but looking for ways to achieve them. He describes his experience on PtP as “completely fantastic. It’s really given us new awareness of what to concentrate on and helped bring clarity to the strategic ideas we should focus on.

“As a result, in the last 12 months the company has changed at a faster rate than in the last six years. PtP has made me much more aware of how important culture is within a company. And that’s what’s changed the most. I’ve also changed dramatically as a manager. I’ve learnt so much about myself. I literally walked out of the first class and made changes to the way I work. And it’s had a really positive effect.”

By focusing efforts on changing the culture within the organisation, better engagement with staff and providing opportunities for individuals to feedback ideas, the whole company has a clearer idea about how it can continue to move forward, harness the talents of staff, become more productive and work smarter.

Chris admits that at the moment this is a hidden, below-the-line benefit but that the rewards will soon be reaped. “The atmosphere in the building is very positive to the new changes and improvements and we are enabling our teams to work together better. And whilst this isn’t yet showing as figures on the bottom line, it is putting Forsberg on firmer foundations for the future and in a position to take on bigger and more complex projects.”

Some of the changes that have been implemented are seemingly simple – a regular blog for staff to communicate the company vision, better internal communications, regular opportunities for staff to meet and a staff survey. “When we first did one, some people thought we were too small for a staff survey with only 26 staff, but the results prove otherwise. Morale is up, engagement is up and we’ve provided a safe anonymous space for individuals to feedback improvement suggestions and concerns”, says Chris. “And all these small things add up to help us make big changes.”

As a result of PtP and the changes he has made he notes that the business has experienced employee growth of 17% over the last year. Today the business employs 28 employees with another three likely to join within the next six months.


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