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A coffee with a Boost coach: Jed Hassid

A coffee with Boost Bespoke coach Jed Hassaid

The fully funded Boost Bespoke Programme provides tailored support delivered by professionals who are experts in their field, to owners and managers of established businesses. 

The programme is designed to help them accelerate growth, develop their leadership team and access new markets. So grab a coffee and read about Jed Hassid, a highly experienced business coach whose main areas of expertise include strategic planning, performance management and business decision making.

What do you see as your role as a Boost Bespoke coach?

My main role is to actively listen and engage with business owners and teams so that they can work effectively as a team to create and successfully implement their business plans.

My ability to ask challenging questions allows the entrepreneur to formulate their own strategies and plans that gives them genuine ownership of, and commitment to, the goals and plans developed.

What is your area of expertise and how do business leaders benefit from Bespoke coaching?

The prime area in which I focus is that of business planning. Helping business owners and their senior leadership colleagues develop, and in some cases rethink, the way in which they are going to win in the markets where they have chosen to compete.

How do you make a real difference to Lancashire businesses?

By challenging business owners to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. It can sometimes be hard to look beyond the day-to-day challenges of setting up and running a business.

By examining existing assumptions and offering different perspectives, clients build their growth mindset and so improve their chances of achieving business success. My ability to actively listen provides a valued ‘sounding board’ for business owners, in a safe and confidential setting.

What has been your most inspirational moment as a coach?

Seeing a client’s business take a conscious decision to focus on staff engagement to improve overall business performance. Their Employee Net Promoter Score improved from 0.47% to 48% (note the shift in the decimal point!) over 12 months as a result of concerted effort on the part of the senior leaders.

My role involved facilitating:

  • an acknowledgement of the problem, 
  • the development of the chosen strategy
  • the successful implementation

What are the key challenges for Lancashire businesses at the moment?

There are so many! 1. 

  1. In the short term: Keeping the lights on.
  2. In the medium term: Maintaining or developing a growth-oriented mindset so that their levels of humility and curiosity enable businesses to be the best in their chosen markets.
  3. To face the future with both confidence and realism.

As a coach, what are your three business tips to accelerate growth?

  1. Clarity – About what the business will have achieved in, say, three years’ time, i.e. its vision. 
  2. Clarity – About how the business will achieve these goals, i.e. its business strategies.
  3. Clarity – Throughout the business about who is going to do what, i.e. motivating colleagues to deliver.


Jed Hassid, from Purple Performance, works alongside Winning Pitch as a Boost Bespoke coach. His passion is to help entrepreneurs achieve their business potential by providing critical and constructive challenges that enhance their effectiveness as leaders.


Would you benefit from support from our Boost Bespoke coaches to help grow your Lancashire business? Call 0800 488 0057 or complete our quick form and a member of the Boost team will be in touch to start your growth conversation.


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