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The value of a business mentor, by a mentor

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Have you ever considered having a business mentor? Do you understand what it is that they do? Do you think it is something for other businesses, but not yours? Here, Boost mentor Lindsey West, explains the difference a business mentor can make.

Attending the Northern Business Mentoring Conference and marking National Mentoring Day really got me thinking about mentoring and why it works so well. I am a mentor for Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub, which is focused on helping businesses across the county to grow. I do this because I am passionate about helping people and I want to make a positive difference to the place that I live. It is my way to ‘give back’. Having a mentor working with you on your business helps you on so many levels, and if you don’t have a mentor you are really missing out. Here’s why:

  • They are a person who has worked in business, and so they have experienced some of the challenges that you face.
  • They will help you drive your business forward, setting clear targets and steps to success for the business.
  • They are a confidant to you for your happiest thriving days as well as those dark days when you can’t face it and wonder why you ever bothered setting up in business.
  • They hold your worries and secrets in a way that you just can’t share with anyone else.
  • They are the ultimate critical friend. They will challenge you, get you to think outside the box and quite frankly make you do things that your natural self puts on your to-do-list but allows you to never get around to doing.

Does this sound like the support you need?  Get in touch with Boost to find out more about the mentoring support available.


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