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Cyber Security

Cyber Works offers a range of impactful and innovative opportunities for businesses.

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Lancaster University has a new fully funded workshop. 

As part of the successful ‘Secure Digitalisation’ programme the 1 day workshop will support all businesses, charities and organisations defend, innovate and grow.

It is important that everyone is able to protect themselves and their businesses against the threat of cyber criminals. This course is designed to provide companies with an overview of the cyber threat landscape, they will learn about the impact cyber attacks can have on businesses, and critically uncover simple strategies to overcome the threats.

The Secure Digitalisation programme aims to cover three simple concepts: Defend. Innovate. Grow.

You do not have to be technical in nature to learn how to protect your technology and we support small to medium enterprises (SMEs) from all sectors to engage more with cyber security.

We encourage a secure by design philosophy, and companies that are involved with the secure digitalisation programme learn how to weave cyber security practices into their organisations to help them defend, innovate and grow their business.

We are changing the narrative around Cyber Security by asking “How can we embed these core concepts into your business model and strategy?”

Free full day programme with lunch & refreshments held at various locations across the North West.

Register expression of interest via trybooking (link https://www.trybooking.com/uk/events/landing/54542) or by emailing cyberfoundry@lancaster.ac.uk

Who is it for?

Any organisations of any size wanting to become more cyber aware and who want to learn how to weave cyber security practices into their organisations to help them defend, innovate and grow their business.

Delivered by Lancaster University.

For further information, take a look at the Cyberworks resource over at the Lancaster University website.


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